voice of triumph Jim and Marti Souza lead pastors

Jim & Marti Souza

Jim and Marti are Kingdom builders who passionately believe in equipping and empowering God’s people by providing essential training from the Holy Spirit in a safe environment called family. They both carry a Kingdom voice from the Father’s heart to ignite transformation in people, communities, regions, and nations. They are full of joy, fun, and are a dynamic couple who are filled with a supernatural grace to help people feel connected to God and to others. 

Jim has a marketplace anointing with a pastors heart. Jim owned a business for 27 years and now carries that same wisdom and administration of God for the Church. He has a passion for business leaders to influence with Kingdom values. 

Marti has been involved in ministry since 1996. She is an apostolic and prophetic pastor. She carries a revival mandate to equip the Church to walk in her God given call. 

Jim and Marti have traveled and ministered extensively in many churches, international mission fields, prophetic equipping conferences, retreats, and the ministry of the marketplace. They have 3 grown children and two grandkids.